YuleLog for iPhone/iPad

How to transfer the software to work on your iOS device.

Putting YuleLog on your iPad/iPhone will let enjoy many new features, including barcode scanning and taking photographs. Here is how to transfer your database to your iPad/iPhone:

Important: You must first install the free FileMaker Go 17 app on your iPad/iPhone. It is available at at the following link:

Close YuleLog on your computer before transferring your YuleLog file. The file doesn't have to be shared and FileMaker Pro doesn't have to be running.

Transferring Files from Computer to Mobile Device

  1. Connect your device to your computer.

  2. Open iTunes and select your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad device, then click the Apps tab.

  3. Below File Sharing, select FileMaker Go from the Apps list, then click Add.

  4. Now, the file you want to add is located in your YuleLog 2019 Hallmark folder. it is called YuleLog3.fmpur

  5. Drag the YuleLog3.fmpur file to to the "FileMaker Go Documents" windows.

  6. The FileMaker Pro file is copied to your device

  7. If you are having trouble, please watch the video below:


Sierra / High Sierra